Greenwich Health Live Well Centres

Greenwich Health is proud to announce our new Live Well Centres for the residents of Greenwich. The Live Well Centres work in unison with our friends at the Royal Borough of Greenwich to support residents to live longer, healthier lives.

The Greenwich Health Live Well Centres offer the following services for residents: NHS Health Checks, Stop Smoking services and support and Female Contraception with free LARC (long-acting reversible contraception).

4 Accessible Live Well Centres In Greenwich

Eltham Community Hospital

30 Passey Pl, SE9 5DQ

The Plumstead Health Centre

Tewson Road SE18 1BH

Manor Brook Medical Centre 117 Brook Lane SE3 0EN

Royal Arsenal Medical Centre

21 Arsenal Way SE18 6TE

Working In Partnership Live Well Greenwich

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NHS Health Check Plus

The FREE NHS Health Check is a check-up for adults that helps to spot the early signs of potential health risks before they start to affect our health. Everyone is at risk of developing some conditions, but the good news is that they can often be prevented – even if you have a history of them in your family.

A Health Check can help you delay or prevent heart disease, stroke, diabetes, kidney disease, dementia and other conditions that we become more at risk of developing with age.


At our Greenwich Health Live Well Centre’s we are proud to offer residents the enhanced NHS Health Check PLUS, which looks at all of the above plus, your overall mental health and your risk of certain types of cancer.

Smoking Cessation

Did you know that you are four times more likely to quit for good with support, even if it takes several attempts? It is not easy to quit smoking. You don’t need to do it alone and our support can make a difference. At the Greenwich Health Live Well Centre’s you can get free and flexible support that fits around your personal needs and day-to-day living. Our expert can ensure to give you the right combination of:

  • Group and one-to-one support face-to-face and/or over the phone.

  • Specialist home support for pregnant and new mums.

  • Support and engagement in your workplace.

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Free Female Contraception

To avoid Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) and unwanted pregnancy, the only sure way is to use protection during sex.

Our Live Well Centre’s offer free female contraception in Greenwich. Contact the Live Well Centre’s to learn more about the Implant, also known as LARC (long-acting reversible contraception). Make the smart choice and protect yourself.

It is important to remember that different types of contraception suit different people, so it is always advisable to visit your local sexual health clinic or your GP practice to talk with a nurse or doctor.