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Greenwich Health Wellbeing Hub

The Greenwich Health Wellbeing Hub is here to support all of our amazing staff. We want to ensure our workforce in Greenwich feels supported and have access to the resources and support they need. 

Remember, Greenwich Health is here for you.

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GP and Clinical Staff

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Nurses, HCA's, Paramedics, Pharmacists & AHP's

Reception Desk

Administration, Clerical, Reception & IT Staff


It's Time To Take A Breather

The Greenwich Training Hub has commissioned free counselling for our Primary Care workforce.

During this time of uncertainty, worry and change because of coronavirus, you can talk in confidence about how you are feeling about anything in life

 by booking a free and confidential appointment with a trained counsellor.

Gemma Hudson Counselling is offering 6 fully funded sessions with options to extend these if required.

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Headspace is a science-backed app in mindfulness and meditation, providing unique tools and resources to help reduce stress, build resilience, and aid better sleep. They are offering free access to all NHS staff with an NHS email address until 31 March 2021, active now.
How NHS staff can get access

Access: Headspace

You will need your NHS email address to sign up. Download the Headspace app from your app store. 


Sleepio is a clinically evidenced sleep improvement programme that is fully automated and highly personalised, using cognitive behavioural techniques to help improve poor sleep. Big Health is offering free access to Sleepio for all NHS staff until 31 March 2021, active now.

How NHS staff can get access

Access: Sleepio. Answer a few short questions to tailor the programme to you

Sign up for an account using your name and email address

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Looking After You Too

Are you facing challenges in your work right now?


Would it be helpful for you to talk to someone who can help you process the experiences you are facing, develop coping skills and importantly, develop practical strategies to manage the situation, so you can carry on with your work and your life?

Book a coaching session today.