Greenwich Health Diabetes 3TT  

Our diabetes service was launched in April 2018. The diabetes service was designed to support practices in the management of the poorest controlled diabetics in the borough.​


Any patient who has a HbA1c of over 75, registered with a Greenwich GP can be referred to our Greenwich Health Diabetes 3TT service at:

Booking is easy, patients can be referred by any of the 35 GP practices in Greenwich.  Our diabetes service has been a huge success thus far and we are proud to offer this service in Greenwich.​

Diabetes Service Information

The operating hours for the Diabetes service are Monday to Friday from 10am to 4pm.

How To Book An Appointment

If you are eligible for the service, your GP practice can refer you. Please ask you practice if you feel you are eligible and want to try the Greenwich Health service.

What To Expect On Your Diabetes Appointment

Click below to learn more about what will happen once your appointment is booked with our Diabetes Specialist Nurse.

A Central Diabetes Service Location In Greenwich

Fairfield Medical Centre, 43 Fairfield Grove, Charlton, London, SE7 8TE