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Our Greenwich GP Federation

Our GP Federation was formed in September 2016 and is an integrated network of all 30 Greenwich GP Practices. Together we are collaboratively working together to improve the health and wellbeing of Greenwich’s residents.

Our Federation is integrating health care in Greenwich through our strategic partnerships and learning to give Greenwich’s entire population of over 290,000 the best possible primary care.


We are creating an environment where health care expertise is shared across our network to realise efficiencies and create synergies and economies of scale.


To provide high quality health care that both PATIENTS and CLINICIANS would recommend to others, COMMISSIONERS would select for their local population and EMPLOYEES are proud to work for.

Committed To Community Care

Greenwich Health is leading the GP Federation by working closely with the South East London Integrated Care System, local NHS trusts and all care providers to make a greater impact in the community by delivering the best primary care.

Our first initiative has been an overwhelming success, as we have successfully launched 4 GP Hubs for everyone in Greenwich. With full access to a GP on both Saturday and Sunday, as well as every evening during the week, Greenwich Health is providing flexible primary care that works for our population.

From there we have developed our Live Well Centres, Dressing Service, Diabetes 3TT Service, Greenwich Training Hub, a Vaccination Centre to support the vaccination roll-out in Greenwich and now the Urgent Treatment Centre at Queen Elizabeth.


Each service has continued to improve primary care in Greenwich and most importantly, offered critical support to our partners, the 30 GP practices in Greenwich.


To create excellent services with passion, energy and determination. 

To be a champion of integrated, effective, and innovative healthcare solutions.

To support a sustainable model of primary care.

Improving Primary Care In Greenwich

Greenwich’s GP practices are working collaboratively across the Royal Borough of Greenwich to offer a wider range of health services closer to where you live.

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