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What People Say About Greenwich Health

Old Man Sitting

The care we received was wonderful. It gave us the opportunity to seek for medical attention when needed.

Happy Family

Absolutely amazing service. I will be recommending to all of my family and friends.

Greenwich Health UTC Survey

Thank you for using Greenwich Health Urgent Treatment Centre Service today.  


This survey has been created to gather feedback to help us improve and develop services. We would appreciate if you could complete this short questionnaire in relation to your visit.

Greenwich Health Practice UTC Survey

Before going to the A&E / Urgent Treatment centre department, where did you go to, or contact, for help with your condition? (check ALL that apply)
When you checked in at Reception were you given enough privacy when discussing your condition with the receptionist?
How long did you wait before you first spoke to a nurse or doctor?
Did you have confidence and trust in the doctors and nurses examining and treating you?
Were you treated with respect and dignity?
Did a member of staff tell you about what symptoms to watch for regarding your illness or treatment after you went home?
If yes, did you understand the information you were given?
How would you rate your experience of your appointment today at the Urgent Treatment Centre?

Thanks for submitting! We greatly appreciate your feedback.


We value patient feedback to tell us what we are doing right and what we can
improve. The information you provide is anonymous and we will not be able to reply to you. If you feel that your experience requires a formal complaint be made, please ask a member of staff for a copy of our complaint's procedure.

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