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Informacje o spotkaniu LARC

Ważne informacje o zbliżającym się spotkaniu w LARC


Prosimy o przybycie 5 minut przed terminem wizyty, upewniając się, że zarejestrowałeś swój przyjazd w recepcji. 

W sali klinicznej towarzyszyć Ci będzie klinicysta i asystent. Lekarz omówi z Tobą szczegółowo procedurę, odpowie na wszelkie pytania i uzyska zgodę.


How should I feel afterwards?

Side effects may include:

  • You may experience changes in your period. You may have more bleeding, less bleeding, or no bleeding, and your periods may last longer than usual.

  • The irregular bleedings are not a sign that the contraceptive protection of Nexplanon is decreased. In general, you need not take any action. If, however, bleeding is heavy or prolonged consult your GP.

  • Acne, weight gain, headache and/or mood changes can occur.

  • If these side effects become bothersome, please contact your GP.


What should I do afterwards?

Insertion site care:

  • Bruising and swelling at the site are common in the first 24 hours after placement. Keep the pressure bandage on for 24 hours. After 24 hours, you can remove the bandage and take a shower or bath. You can resume normal exercise the day after insertion.

  • Remove the small adhesive bandage over the insertion site in 3-5 days.

  • If you experience unexplained fever or redness, warmth, excessive swelling, or drainage from or around the site, please contact your GP.

  • You can check the implant by pressing your fingertips over the skin where the implant was placed. You should feel a small rod. Please contact your GP practice or GSH Central Clinic if you are unable to feel it.

  • If at any time you cannot feel the implant, contact your doctor as soon as possible.

  • If you cannot locate your implant, use a condom until the healthcare professional and you are absolutely sure that the implant is located correctly.


When can I resume sex?

The implant becomes an effective method of birth control one week after it is placed. You should use condoms for the first 7 days after implant placement.


Is there anything I should look out for?

Rare but important side effects to be aware of:

  • Severe pain or cramping on one side.

  • The implant is > 99% effective. Contact your GP if you think you may be pregnant.

  • Yellowing of the skin or eyes (jaundice).

  • Symptoms of depression.

  • Signs of a blood clot: chest pain, shortness of breath, pain or warmth in the arms or legs.


Seek emergency care promptly if you have these symptoms.


When does the implant need changing?

  • After insertion of the implant, the healthcare professional will give you a Patient Alert Card with the insertion site, date and the latest date on which the implant has to be removed or replaced.

  • The implant is approved for 3 years, but studies show that it is usually effective for 4-5 years. Please discuss this with your provider.


We do not offer any follow up appointments. 

Please contact GSH Central Clinic or your GP for support & advice.


Additional Advice

If you are aged 25 or over, make sure you have regular cervical smears, as part of the National Cervical Screening Programme.


Have regular sexual health checks, whether

or not a coil has been fitted. For more information about the IUD/IUS in general,

look at:

Aby uzyskać więcej informacji na temat procedury dopasowywania/usuwania implantu, proszęodwiedź tutaj.

Więcej informacji na temat procedury montażu wężownicy można znaleźć tutajCewka wewnątrzmacicznai tutaj dlaSystem domaciczny (IUS)

Chcesz odwołać wizytę?

Jeśli z jakiegokolwiek powodu musisz odwołać wizytę w LARC, wyślij SMS-a o treści “CANCEL” do the number_cc-336bad-bb3b otrzymaliśmy od naszego LARC telefon kontaktowy.

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