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Medical Team

מרכז הדרכה

מתן טיפול ראשוני בגריניץ' את התמיכה הראויה

פיתוח קריירה של אחות בריאות בגריניץ'

Certificates of Attendance - May 2024

Safeguarding Adults: Level 3

Certificates of Attendance - Feb 2024

Positive Actions on Climate Change. What can Primary Care do?

Sharing Best Practices

Navigating Challenging Work Scenarios, Including Assertive Communication

Record Keeping for ARRS and All Staff

The Difficult Patient Toolkit

Safeguarding Adults: Level 3

Learning Disabilities and Autism

ADHD and Adult Mental Health

Certificates of Attendance - Sept 2023

Gender Health - Unveiling Barriers, Embracing Solutions

Respiratory Masterclass 

Perfecting The 10-Minute Consultations - Communication and History Taking Skills

Guard Your Heart - Medicine Optimisation Masterclass 

Paediatrics Workshop

Domestic Abuse - Recognise and Respond

The All New CQC Single Assessment Framework - Are You Ready?

Mental Health Awareness

Certificates of Attendance - March 2023

Conflict resolution

Diabetes Update by CESEL

Multi-professional Faculty Supervision update for educators

Paediatric Asthma

Cancer ‘ Speed dating’ clinical update

Communications skills

Resilience wellbeing / work life balance

Certificates of Attendance - September 2022

PPA/FP34 Claims and PCSE Drugs Income

Violent & Aggressive Patients with Sally Brown

CAMHS Pathways, Self-Harm & Crisis Prevention with Case studies & Q&A

Medicines Optimisation Update

Violent & Aggressive Patients with Lynsey Dubock

Suicide Prevention

An Introduction to Multi-Professional Supervision

Supporting Patients To Make Healthy Food Choices

מרכז אימון הבריאות של גריניץ'

מחויבים לכוח העבודה שלנו

Committed To Our Workforce

מרכז ההדרכה הבריאותי של גריניץ' הוא נועד לענות על הצרכים החינוכיים של צוות הטיפול הראשוני הרב-תחומי בגריניץ'. בנוסף, זה מאפשר לנו לשתף פעולה and  bring together_cc781905-5cde-319134-bad mun

South East London Training Hub

For more training visit our partners at the South East London Training Hub.

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