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We Can Help You Stop Smoking

Quit Smoking With Support From The Greenwich Health Live Well Team

You Are 3 Times More Likely To Quit With Support

It is not easy to quit smoking. You don’t need to do it alone and our support can make a difference.


Our Greenwich Health Live Well Centre’s give you FREE and flexible support that fits around your personal needs and day-to-day living. Our expert can ensure to give you the right combination of:

FREE one-to-one phone support

Support and engagement in your workplace​​​​​​

Why Quit?

Quitting smoking will be on the best decisions you make for your health. Here are the most important reasons to quit:

  • Smoking causes terrible damage to your body

  • The secondhand smoke you create causes problems for everybody around you

  • Smoking is expensive – the cost adds up every single day​​​​​​

The Benefits Of Quitting Smoking​​​​​​

Reduce your risk of developing illness, disability or death caused by cancer, heart or lung disease.
Protect those around you (particularly children) by not exposing them to second hand smoke.
Improve your breathing and general fitness – your energy levels will quickly increase when you stop.
Improve your sense of taste and smell.
Save you money – a considerable amount. Smoking 10 cigarettes a day, over a year would cost you £1,000!
Improve your appearance. Once you stop, your skin, hair & teeth will better and in the longer term it will help you slow the signs of aging.
It takes about 10 minutes to smoke a cigarette, so a 10 per day smoker can save nearly 2 hours a day when they quit. Over a year, you can get back 1 month of lost time!
Many smokers are shocked to find how quickly they get hooked on smoking. Stopping is a real achievement and can give you a real boost in confidence and self-esteem.


Call Our Greenwich Health Call Centre Today.
Call Centre Hours: Monday - Friday 9am to 5pm

How To Book A Quit Smoking Appointment​

1. Contact your registered GP surgery and asked to be booked into one of our 4 Live Well Centres in Greenwich.

2. Call the Greenwich Health call centre at 0800 068 7123


My name is Anthony and I have just completed the 12 week nicotene replacement therapy.


I had been smoking since the age of 15 and the thought of quitting seemed an impossibility. Throughout the 12 weeks I received great advice from the Councillor Stephanie, who was always willing to help with solid advice when needed.


She made the process much easier, and  when I did slip up and smoke, I wasn't afraid to inform her, which helped my progress to move forward.


I'm now smoke free and very much appreciate all the advice and help which I received. Without this service I would still be smoking, so thank you for all your support.

Anthony, Greenwich

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