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We Would Love To Hear From You! Please Get In Touch In The Form Below.

We are committed to the people of Greenwich and aim to work with Doctors, Patients and Commissioners to ensure the best possible care is provided to you. If there is anything you need more help with or for further information, please do feel free to get in contact.

Our GP Hubs can be easily booked by appointment through your local health clinic and extend into the evenings and weekends. As always, our goal is to provide Greenwich health clinics for your schedule, when you need it.




This platform is not intended for medical queries or emergencies. If you have a medical concern or issue that requires attention, we kindly advise you to follow the appropriate steps below:

Contact Your Own GP:

For non-urgent medical issues, please reach out to your own General Practitioner (GP) during regular office hours.

Dial NHS 111:

If you require medical assessment and advice, please dial NHS 111. They are available 24/7 to provide guidance on your health concern.

Emergency Situations - Dial 999:

In case of more urgent or life-threatening situations, please call 999 for immediate assistance.

Please remember that this platform is not monitored for medical emergencies, and we want to ensure you receive the most appropriate and timely care for your health needs.


Thank you for your understanding.

Please Note: This contact form is not monitored frequently. If you have a serious medical emergency please contact NHS 111 immediately.

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