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LARC Appointment Information

Important Information About Your Upcoming LARC Appointment

Please arrive 5 minutes before your appointment time, making sure you register your arrival at reception. 

In the clinical room you will be accompanied by a clinician and an assistant. The clinician will talk through the procedure in detail with you, answer any questions you may have and obtain consent.


Coil Insertion

No unprotected sexual intercourse 3 weeks prior to insertion of coil.  If you are with a new sexual partner or have been with more than one sexual partner in the last year it is advised to obtain a sexual health screening prior to having your coil inserted. 

It is advisable to have your coil fitted during your period, however this is not compulsory. 

Coil fitting procedure 

The vagina is held open, like it is during cervical screening (a smear test). The IUD is inserted through the cervix and into the womb.


Coil removal/replacement

No unprotected sex for 1 week prior to removal. 

Coil removal procedure


The vagina is held open, like it is during cervical screening (a smear test) 


The IUD is removed through the cervix.


Implant Insertion

No unprotected sexual intercourse for 3 weeks prior to appointment. Implant (Nexplanon) can be inserted during the time of your period. 

Implant fitting procedure 

A local anaesthetic is used to numb the area on the inside of your upper arm. 

The implant is then inserted under your skin – it only takes a few minutes to put in and feels like having an injection. You will not need any stitches after your implant has been fitted. Your arm will be dressed with steristrips and a bandage.


Implant Removal

Please remember you contraceptive cover is lost immediately upon removal.

Implant removal procedure


A local anaesthetic will be used. The doctor or nurse will make a tiny cut in your skin to gently pull the implant out. 

For further information on the implant fitting/removal procedure please visit here.

For further information on the coil fitting procedure please visit here for the IUD coil and here for the Intrauterine System (IUS)

Need To Cancel Your Appointment?

If for any reason you need to cancel your LARC appointment, please text “CANCEL” to the number you have received our LARC triage call from.

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