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Greenwich Health GP Access Hubs

The GP Access Hubs are now closed. From 1st October 2022, all Primary Care Extended Access services are being delivered through Primary Care Networks.


For information on how to book into extended access services, please speak to your GP Practice for more information.


Thank you for your support for this service.

Read The CQC Report

Greenwich Health Access Hub 360 Survey

Results & Actions

Greenwich Health collected data from all stakeholders in our GP Access Hubs. This included the management team, the staff and the service users.


By engaging with everyone involved, this will enable Greenwich Health Team to review, highlight and create a viable action plan to address all comments, suggestions and areas for improvement in regards to the GP Hubs moving forward.


I received an appointment very promptly via my GP, which is normally a much longer wait. It was my first time here at the Hub and it had both lovely premises and reception staff.


Most importantly, the GP was brilliant, he listened to me carefully and I did not feel rushed at all. Thank you Greenwich Health for great patient service.

Diane, Thamesmead GP Hub

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