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Improving Diabetes Control

Important Information About Your Upcoming Diabetes Specialist Appointment

Please arrive 5 minutes before your appointment time, making sure you register your arrival at reception. 

Your first appointment will usually be held at Fairfield Medical Practice, 41-43 Fairfield Grove

Charlton London SE7 8TX (unless otherwise stated).


At your appointment you will be seen by Emma, our Diabetes Specialist Nurse.


Your first appointment will be spent going through your previous medical and lifestyle history and blood results.


Emma will then be able to set up a Diabetes care plan based on the results of the above – this may include lifestyle changes/ recommendations and/ or medication suitable to help control your Diabetes.


If any other referral is necessary then this will be sent in the careplan for your GP to action if you cannot self refer.  For example, you may want help to quit smoking or lose weight – we can signpost you to these local services to support you.


You will be given a copy of the care plan and a copy of it will be sent to your GP.


An appointment will be made for a follow up when/ where necessary.  For example, it is usual that you will need your Diabetic blood test taken 3 months after any treatment changes.  This is so we can see if the changes have helped to improve your Diabetes.


You will be given a contact number for our service so if you have any queries or need to make any changes to your appointments you can call us.  Calls are monitored from Monday to Friday 9am – 4pm.

Diabetes Resources

For further information and helpful resources on Diabetes, please visit the following links.

Diabetes UK - Know Diabetes, Fight Diabetes

Diabetes - NHS

British Heart Foundation - Diabetes

Live Well Greenwich


Overeaters Anonymous Great Britain

Need To Cancel Your Appointment?

If for any reason you need to cancel your Diabetes appointment, please call or text our service number at +447786819498

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