Greenwich Health Partner Feedback

Primary Care OPEL Reporting System

 The NHS England Operational Pressures Escalation Levels (OPEL) Framework has
been developed to bring consistency to local approaches; improve management of
system-wide escalation; encourage wider cooperation and make regional and national
oversight more effective and less burdensome. 

Primary Care Survey For Our Practice Partners 

Please enter your information and click on what OPEL level you currently consider your practice to be at. If you are largely in one OPEL area but have individual elements which fit into a different level, please outline this in the comments box at the bottom.




WORKFORCE (Clinical)


Level 1

Low pressure

Urgent and routine
demand within
expected timescales

No clinicians absent

Able to see hot
patients safely
(zoning, PPE and
staffing suitable)
demand low

Level 2

Moderate pressure

Urgent Demand able
to be met within
expected timescales

Routine appointments
booking longer than

Some unexpected
clinical staffing shortages

Able to see hot
patients safely
(zoning, PPE and
staffing suitable)
demand high

Level 3

Severe pressure

Unable to meet
urgent and routine
demand at practice

Severe delay to
routine appointments

unexpected staffing

Unable to see ALL
hot patients -
demand exceeds

Level 4

Extreme pressure

Unable to meet

No ability to provide
routine appointments

Severe unexpected
staffing shortages

Unable to see ANY
hot patients
(insufficient zoning,
PPE or staffing)

Please select the option that best describes the demand, workforce and covid situation at your practice. If one area is significantly different from your answer please provide additional information in the box below
Administration: Can you please advise on your administration capacity
Are you able to provide urgent home visits to your patients? (NOTE: you should access the additional primary care funding first if you can get locum cover)

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