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Greenwich Health Covid-19 Symptom Clinic

Important Patient Information 

Below you will find important information about the procedures at the Greenwich Health Covid-19 Symptom Clinic. It is critical to adhere to all of the below guidelines.


Your appointment has been confirmed by our reception team who will have advised you the following information:​

The location of the clinic.
That you must arrive within 5 minutes of their appointment time, no earlier. If you arrive earlier, you will be turned away and asked to come back as instructed.
You must not travel to the clinic by public transport and where possible must be by private vehicle preferably on their own. If you are too unwell and someone arrives with them, they should remain in the vehicle while the patient is in the clinic.
You must ensure you have your mobile telephone with you when you attend.
You will be met by a member of staff at the gates to the car park for check in when they arrive.
There is no toilet facility for patient use at the clinic so please ensure you go before you leave.

Directions To The Covid-19 Symptom Clinic

Our Covid-19 Symptom Clinic is located at the Grabadoc building on Shooters Hill Road.


The entrance to the clinic is located on Bell Street (not Shooters Hill Road). All patients must use the rear entrance.




Turn off Shooters Hill Road onto Bell Street

Once on Bell Street make your first right

(you will still be on Bell Street) 

Turn right again

Arrive at the gates for check-in with our staff

Patient Arrival Meeting Point

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