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COVID-19 Vaccine Training

The Greenwich Health Training Hub is here to support all of our amazing staff with access to COVID-19 vaccination training. Below you will find the resources and support you need for both experienced vaccinators and those new to vaccinating.

Remember, Greenwich Health is here for you.

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Experienced Vaccinators

The Greenwich Training Hub is working with other Hubs across SEL  to provide up-to-date and comprehensive training for those involved in delivering the Covid-19 Vaccination programme.

Click below to download the Training Checklist for experienced and returning vaccinators.

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For Those New To Vaccinating

If you are new to vaccinating you can start with the Coronavirus Program from Health Education England.

The programme is freely available to colleagues working in the NHS, independent sector and social care. Click below to get started and find the resources relevant to your role.

PHE COVID-19 Vaccinator Training Recommendations

If you are interested in becoming a vaccinator a great place to start is to view the required training requirements. Click below to download the recommended immunisation training requirements by workforce group for a COVID-19 vaccine.​

Coronavirus and Primary Care

NICE is now the single point of advice on caring for people with coronavirus and the management of COVID-19 in different healthcare settings. 

If you are a clinician or NHS manager looking for the latest updates and guidance on COVID-19, click below to visit the 

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